Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Chicago mayor will not seek re-election

Rahm Emanuel won't seek a 3rd term as Chicago's mayor. Some reforms may prove effective, but controversy surrounded him constantly.

Chicago mayor hangs on by a thread

Chicagoans are outraged and many are calling on Mayor Rahm Emanuel to resign. He might tough it out, but it's getting more & more difficult.

Hunger strike ends; #FightForDyett lives on

A hunger strike in Chicago ends on Day 34, but the fight for equity in public education, esp. in large urban districts, continues.

Emanuel wins re-election

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been re-elected mayor of Chicago. His runoff challenger, Chuy Garcia, brought important issues to light.

A wording discrepancy in Chicago mayoral campaign

In support of Chuy Garcia for Chicago mayor, we note the tone he used in a campaign ad. Let's start off on the right foot, not with unnecessary inaccuracies.

Runoff required in the race for Chicago mayor

Rahm Emanuel failed to win a second term as mayor of Chicago in Tuesday's election. A 2-person runoff will be held in April.

Compromise reached on longer school day in Chicago

The Chicago Teachers Union and Mayor Rahm Emanuel appear to be working toward ironing out differences in order to avoid a strike. There's still a long way to go if a strike is to be avoided, but so far, things don't look terrible. The issue of a longer day, which was part of recent compromises, will keep coming up, though, so this is a preview of things to come.