Monday, October 18, 2021
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Total shutdown in Baltimore Co.; cyberattack

Criminals broke into the network at the 115,000-student district and scrambled files. Schools are closed for remote learning for now.

Ransomware a bigger threat during pandemic

Ransomware attacks have become more costly and frequent against our nation's public school districts, which are easy targets.

Cyber ransom was paid by N.Y. district

A ransomware attack, similar to one that struck Baltimore Co. in the spring, forced a N.Y. school district to pay $88K.

Hackers shut down 911 in Baltimore, gov’t in Atlanta

Computer hackers have breached major government computers in Atlanta and Baltimore, giving us reason to raise an alarm.

US warns of hackers attacking schools

The US warns schools of a new cyberthreat: criminals demand money for protecting sensitive student data from the dark Web.

Cyberattack ransomware may have aftershocks

A ransomware cyberattack has hit more than 150 countries and is spread by users clicking a link in illegitimate email.