Friday, September 18, 2020
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‘Read to the Final Four’ coming for 3rd graders

A reading contest for 3rd graders in the Atlanta metro area will crown the "Final Four" schools just before the NCAA tournament.

Kids from poorer families may know fewer words

Kids from low-income families are exposed to fewer words, but the fact is, vocabulary remains smaller than peers even after school starts.

Canadian immigrant kids’ learning at risk

Childhood immigration in Canada, esp. with rising refugees there, has sent educators looking for answers on how to best educate them.

K-8 may prep kids for h.s. better than middle schools

Attending a middle school, compared to a K-8 school, may give kids a lower self-perception of their reading skills, a study from NYU suggests.

$45 mil from feds will strengthen Md. literacy

Literacy is a foundation for all learning, and Md. public schools have their share of $45 million coming from the feds to boost literacy skills.

Boys or girls, we get good at what we practice

We can deny it, but test after test (whether valid or not) shows boys score well in higher math and girls in elementary reading. What to do?

Urgent needs felt by new supt. in Howard Co.

A Md. school district with ~55,000 kids has a new superintendent, who replaces one who sued her own school board and was bought out for $1.6 mil.

Storytelling, reading achievement link is complex

Esp. for African-American boys, storytelling ability seems linked to the trajectory of reading achievement in elementary school.

Special ed needs to focus better for reading

Reading and spelling difficulties could play an important role in determining what special education services young students may need.

It works to teach reading by phonics

Young readers comprehend just as well by learning with a phonics-only approach, rather than whole-word meanings, new research suggests.