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Top 11 school headlines of 2021

Here's our annual look at what we consider the top school news stories for this calendar year. Once again, the Covid-19 pandemic dominated our lives.

Student news roundup: Assault on US Capitol

Students and schools in the US have been affected by the riots at the US Capitol Wednesday, and they have much to say about it.

Top 11 school headlines of 2020

Covid dominated news in almost every aspect of life. Education was no exception. Some good, some bad, mostly just unusual and heartbreaking.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Nov. 30

Creative arts during a pandemic, pause on winter sports, Thanksgiving activities, election volunteers, and a passion for equality.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Oct. 12

Nobel Prize in physics, BLM and racial injustice, hearing voices, challenges of e-learning & solutions, election.

Student news roundup, Maryland, Sept. 16

The pandemic reveals much more about us than our unpreparedness for virtual learning; Md. students look at healthcare and choices about schooling.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Sept. 14

Special ed advocate in Evanston dies; Remembering 9/11; Business, fine arts, and cultural life during the pandemic.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Sept. 8

The pandemic, performing arts, and politics generally led student news stories from the Prairie State this past week.

Student news roundup, Illinois, Aug. 31

Our robot found in student news reports several stories from Illinois last week about the pandemic and its effects, in school & out.