Monday, October 18, 2021
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IL brings 1000s back to school for SAT exam

Many IL seniors went back to their school buildings today to make up the SAT exam, which they missed last spring as juniors due to the pandemic.

Snow falls from Southeast to Northeast

A winter storm has left people without power on dangerous roads. School events from basketball to the SAT test have been cancelled.

SAT scores for the nation are out

The SAT scores for the nation came out today. Md. students from the class of 2017 performed about avg., IL students a little better, but fewer took it in IL.

Bravo: College refuses to accept SAT/ACT scores

We applaud the efforts of Hampshire College, which has banned SAT or ACT scores for student applicants. The college isn't ranked anymore as a result.

You'd better get prepared for the new SAT — NOT

Some test prep companies want you to believe they are the only path to high SAT scores. Not true. And what does it matter anyway?