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Obesity is a national security threat: military leaders

Young adults in IL (& the nation) are obese at too high a rate for successful military recruiting. Nutrition and healthy living start early.

Free school lunches should continue during shutdown

Free and reduced-price school meals should continue during the shutdown, although if it goes past February, questions start to pop up.

N.D. leads the nation in school salad bars

The CDC has ranked the nation's high and middle schools in terms of how many of them in each state have salad bars.

Lonely at lunch? This app might help.

Bullied students often find themselves alone at lunch, but an app tries to reduce the harmful effects of being an outcast at the lunch table.

Drinking water with school lunch may cut obesity

A study out of the U. of IL suggests that encouraging students to drink water during lunch at school could cut their risks of becoming overweight.

Chicago schools to provide meals during summer

Lunch options for Chicago schoolkids this summer got a boost with the district's LunchStop program, providing access to nutritious meals.

Convincing kids to choose salad in the lunch line

New research suggests that exposing kids to appropriate marketing can lead more of them to choose healthy options in the lunch line.

A new idea for lunch: make it your way

Students at a Md. high school will have tastier lunches to choose from, thanks to efforts by the school district's food service workers.

School meals linked to higher obesity risk

School meals may be making kids obese, a new study out of Virginia Tech concludes. Just when we thought school food was tasty and good!

Chicago school lunch boycott sends a message

Students at a Chicago high school are boycotting lunch. They say it tastes bad and the company that makes it, Aramark, has to do better.