Monday, May 10, 2021
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A Progressive American Christian at the End of Advent

I take a brief editorial pause to reflect on my holiday faith at the end of a calendar year, a polarizing presidency, and a pandemic.

Merry Christmas etc. to all

Schools are out, so there's not much news to report. We want to wish you a merry Christmas, a happy holiday, happy whatever! Just be happy!

Pope seeks action on climate change

An encyclical has been issued from the Holy See in Rome, saying we should take action to stop causing climate change. Finally!

La. won't repeal creationism law this year

Efforts in Louisiana backed by scientists, have failed to repeal a law that many say promotes religion & creationism; it turns evolution into a non-fact.

On finding a harmonious coexistence of science and faith

Women's Final 4 Part 3 (Notre Dame): Is there a world where deep faith and relentless science can live together? Notre Dame thinks so.

Science Guy debates a Young-Earth Creationist

Apparently, to my dismay, the debate of creationism vs science rages on, attracting some 3 million viewers to a "debate" between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.

A controversy over evolution once again stirs in Texas

Creationism once again rears its ugly head, this time (also, again) in Texas. The state board would like textbook publishers to include material about intelligent design in biology textbooks.

Evolution, students' rights might conflict in Missouri

Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment last week that aims to protect the rights of Christians to pray in public places, including schools. But what troubles us is another part of the amendment.

Kansas board candidates scrutinized about evolution

In Kansas, where the whole creationism-evolution debate for our public schools began more than a decade ago, candidates for seats on the State Board of Education are being questioned about their beliefs and how they feel about changing the state's biology curriculum for the sixth time since 1997.