Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Sheriff ‘searched’ students, faces sex assault charge

A search that may have been unlawful or unconstitutional at a Ga. h.s. has resulted in the indictment of a sheriff on sexual battery charges.

N.Y. school sued over strip-search

A student was allegedly strip searched in N.Y., based on 3 students who said she was carrying drugs. She wasn't. Now she's suing the school.

Court OK’s breathalyzer tests before Fla. prom

A federal district court in Fla. said school officials didn't violate any student rights by giving students breathalyzer tests before letting them into the prom.

Cellphone search violated 4th Amendment rights

If school officials are looking for drugs, they don't have an automatic right to search a student's cellphone, since there's no way drugs could be hidden in the device.

Students sue who missed prom waiting for alcohol test

Students in Florida are suing their school for denying them the opportunity to attend prom. They were made to stand outside to wait for a breathalyzer test.