Monday, October 26, 2020
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Movie review: Eighth Grade

The 8th-grade year is a tough one for suburban girls. This movie takes an honest but very tender and sensitive look at it.

Sexual assault happens in high school, too

Sexual assault stats are bad in US high schools, and high school girls are even less likely to report it than older women.

US should upgrade sex ed, a student opines

Incidents like Aziz Ansari's bad date or coercion, whatever it may have been, underscore the need for better sex ed in US schools.

Trump might cut teen pregnancy prevention

Grants that were aimed at developing programs to reduce teen pregnancy rates are being cut by Health & Human Services.

Student charged in sex assault at Friends School

One of the best ways to stop sexual assaults is to encourage students to talk about the subject, even though it may be painful at times.

Teaching ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ for sexual consent

Sex ed in h.s. would include a "requirement" to teach affirmative consent as part of the curriculum if a Md. bill becomes law.

It’s fact more than culture in ‘the talk’

In talking with their kids about sex in the US, African immigrants tend to rely more on fact than culture, esp. those with more education.

DeVos pauses on sexual assault, Title IX

What will be the effect of Betsy DeVos as US Ed. Sec. on campus sexual assault and other Title IX or civil rights violations in our schools?

Parents want schools to cover more health topics

When it comes to health class, many parents say they want more topics of interest today, including sex, drugs, and alcohol, covered.

21st-century sex ed could be improved worldwide

Kids in several countries, including the US, believe the sex education taught in their schools is inadequate and fails to address their questions.