Friday, January 17, 2020
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Start h.s. later in the day? Parents are split.

The early morning starts of most high schools work against teens’ natural sleep patterns. Experts say change is needed. Parents aren't sure.

Later h.s. start times bring gains for students

Research continues to underscore the benefits of starting the high school day at or after 8:30. Grad rate, attendance up after change.

High school should start later than 7:30

Evidence is overwhelming that teens need to sleep to a comfortable time, which makes starting high school before 8:30 problematic.

Serotonin, seasonal depression, & the Carolina sun

During winter when the days get shorter, some people experience a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder. It's about brain chemistry.

Sleeping, our brains make beautiful waves

Scientists in Mass. have found a new way to analyze brain waves to determine what stage of sleep we're in during the night. Pretty.

Good sleep recalibrates your brain cells

How does good sleep affect your capacity for learning and for remembering what you learn? Hopkins scientists have some answers.

Nighttime social media use linked to well-being

Kids who wake up at night to check social media updates from their friends tend to be less happy and more tired in school and life.

What do you think will happen in 2017?

Educators from several US school districts make a few predictions for what they think 2017 will bring for the school community.

Daily clock disturbances linked to despair

Despair, feelings of hopelessness, and depression are just some of the symptoms that result from a disturbance in the circadian rhythms of mice.

High school starts too early in Bloomington-Normal

Normal, Illinois-based Unit 5 schools are expected to vote on a measure to change school start times from the current 7:15 AM for high school.