Monday, September 26, 2022
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Another Fla. district joins suit against JUUL Labs

1,300+ school districts have joined a public nuisance suit against JUUL Labs Inc, makers of vaping products.

New laws now in effect in Md., Fla.

Several laws took effect on Oct. 1, incl. an increase in the age to buy tobacco in Md, & a law that allows Fla. teachers to carry guns.

To live a long life, stay in shape & keep learning

You may extend your expected lifespan by staying shape, not engaging in bad habits like smoking, and by continuing to study and learn after school.

School elevators can bring out stereotypical behavior

Elevators can become crowded, and when people misbehave on the ride, it can be annoying and even dangerous to your health.

E-cigarette use among teens still increasing

E-cigarettes were the most popular product among youth, and this is the 2nd consecutive year that statement has been true.

Lack of education as deadly as smoking

A new study links death to education differences. Variation in the risk of death across education levels has widened considerably.

E-cigarette use by teens increases again

The number of teens who smoke e-cigarettes more than tripled from 2013 to 2014. Vaping may be less harmful than smoking; teens may do it to quit.