Monday, October 18, 2021
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Do cliques of today compare to those of yesteryear?

Many HS peer crowds have been constant, but changing demographics, cultural influences and college attendance have led to new peer groups.

Brain health at age 3 predicts adults’ social cost

Brain health at age 3 has been linked to how much we spend on healthcare and other social costs as adults. Digitization of life helped with the matching.

Avoid pressuring young children over grades

Kindness and social skills are probably more important to stress than grades and extracurricular participation, esp. for younger students.

Reading fiction may not boost social cognition

New research, trying to replicate findings that showed reading a little literary fiction would boost social cognition, failed to reach the same findings.

More recess LiiNKed to better focus in school

Recess helps, not just with social and physical development, but also with academics, because it increases the amount of time kids pay attention in class.

Seeing benefits, a school expands recess

Maybe we should increase the amount of time young children spend in recess or in unstructured play. It might help learning.