Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Howard Co. sounds an under-staffing alarm

Teachers in a Md. district have filed a grievance over missing planning and lunch periods and, as a result, putting the most vulnerable students at risk.

Can the feds withhold money for special ed?

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals will decide if the feds rightly withheld $33 million earmarked for special ed services in Texas.

Dyslexia may affect writing as well as reading

Proper diagnosis is key in dyslexic children, who have trouble processing written words. They often have trouble writing, even without dysgraphia.

Best to listen to autistic kids in mainstream classes

Being in a mainstream classroom can isolate kids with autism and make them feel more "different." Not good in the long term.

Special ed needs to focus better for reading

Reading and spelling difficulties could play an important role in determining what special education services young students may need.

Choice, autonomy, and equity in schools

Voxitatis is seeking comments on a way to assess the quality of education provided by schools that is based on more than a standardized test score.

Teachers may be biased in special ed referrals

Race affects the chances a gifted student or one with disabilities will be referred to special programs, new research suggests, though the pattern isn't crystal clear.

Woman says teachers locked her son in a closet

A mom in Southern IL sues the school & teachers who, she claims, confined her son in a small room when other action would've been more appropriate.

Judge orders a Penn. district to revoke a tax hike

A school district in Pennsylvania raised taxes more than they should have, a judge has ruled. The district says spec. ed. programs will be hurt and is appealing.

Friendship as important as an inclusive classroom

Schools focus on putting students with disabilities in classrooms with non-special ed peers. They need to focus more on those students' friendships.