Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Statue commemorating national anthem defaced

Another statue of the national anthem has been defaced in Baltimore, with the words "racist anthem" spray painted nearby.

Using the national anthem in protest isn’t a new idea

Poets and other artists were using the national anthem in protest long before the NFL was a spark of an idea in anyone's mind.

Student says teacher made him recite pledge

A protest in Chicago's south suburbs ends with a student withdrawing from a school that, he says, refused to let him avoid reciting the pledge.

National anthem protests continue in high schools

Protests over police-involved shootings of African-American males, common in news reports, have spread to high schools and student speech.

Kaepernick refuses to stand for National Anthem

The Star-Spangled Banner has issues, but refusing to sing it at a football game will create a stir, whether in high school or the NFL.