Friday, April 23, 2021
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Roommates can underestimate each other’s stress

College is a time of stress for many, but if your dorm roommate can be more tuned in to your stress levels, maybe she or he can help.

Coloring is OK, but it’s not really art therapy

Coloring can help relieve stress & make people feel better; art therapists help patients build relationships & grow internally.

Girl in England talks exam-based depression in teens

Exams are tough and they cause teenagers stress—not just in the US, but in England as well, where the kids have a higher stake in the tests.

Art. Leaving a legacy. In a school. Does what?

The school environment plays a role not only in how much students enjoy school but, as a factor in stress and joy, in how successful they are.

Students at top colleges talk less about mental health

Students who attend more selective schools and those who attend schools attended mostly by women post more about mental health issues.

Worst semester of life at a competitive high school

Being a student at a highly competitive high school has its good points, but many students bail out at the first sign of stress.

Birds linked to reduction in stress, depression

The number of birds in your neighborhood and the amount of time you spend outdoors in the sunshine is linked to stress & depression.

Practice tests may help info retrieval under stress

When you're under stress, like taking a test, you don't retrieve info as efficiently from your brain. Practice tests can help with that.

Ontario teens feel psychological stress

Teens are stressed out in Ontario, Canada, and probably elsewhere in the world: screen time, social media, video gaming blamed.