Monday, October 18, 2021
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On constitutional flat taxes in Illinois

An important ballot question in IL involves the elimination of the flat tax in favor of a graduated income tax structure.

Dow Jones down after a bad week

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, shortly after remarkable growth in January and last year, has fallen; some say it's just a correction.

Trump delivers 1st State of the Union, a long one

President Trump's address didn't really mention education, but he did bring up immigration. He wants a wall and a path to citizenship.

Want trumps need as Congress passes tax reform

The new tax law passed, and most Americans can be expected to get a few more dollars every paycheck. What will it cost us?

31 Republicans challenge tax on grad tuition waivers

The provision in the tax reform act that makes graduate tuition waivers taxable might go away, thanks to 31 Republican reps.

#GradTaxWalkout planned for noon today

A tax on graduate school tuition waivers as regular income is unfair & catastrophic. Students in the US take to the streets.

Grad student tuition waivers should be tax-free

What will the eventual tax reform legislation Congress finally passes contain? Not sure yet, but a few parts of it have us concerned.

Federal tax reform would wipe out key deductions

Proposed tax changes are in play in Congress. We feel compelled to oppose them because they would negatively affect schools.