Wednesday, April 8, 2020
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Would arming teachers help?

Can we come up with a multi-faceted approach that could eventually lead to a way to cut down on school shooting deaths?

Teacher training could help English learners write

When teachers of English learners took some professional development, their students performed better on key writing tests.

Trump releases sort of an education plan

Donald J Trump issued a few proposals for what he would do as president for education. It's about school choice, vouchers, and merit pay.

Gunfire at Oaxaca teachers’ union fight

Violence has erupted near Mexico City, as teachers in Oaxaca state protest government "reforms" that include strong teacher evaluations.

Standardized tests don’t hold muster: Opinion

Common Core test scores will be released soon. The data may look good, but it tells us very little about our schools & teachers.

Principal Appreciation Day in the Land of Lincoln

Today is Illinois Principals Day, and we join millions of children and their communities in expressing our gratitude.

Don’t use student test scores to evaluate teachers

Statisticians are warning against using value-added models and student test data to evaluate teachers. Here's another published report.

N.C. teachers #Decline2Sign a 25% contract

In North Carolina, a new law will allow teachers to give up their tenure in exchange for a $500 bonus, compounded each year of a 4-year contract, pending availability of funding.