Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Howard Co. sounds an under-staffing alarm

Teachers in a Md. district have filed a grievance over missing planning and lunch periods and, as a result, putting the most vulnerable students at risk.

Chicago teacher strike enters calendar week 2

Chicago teachers strike for the 3rd day Monday; the union wants smaller class sizes and support for paraprofessionals.

Many teachers work a 2nd job, but why?

Many public school teachers say they work a 2nd job, but is it to make ends meet because we don't pay them enough, or what?

Teachers restless, many on strike in the West

Teacher strikes and threats of strikes range from Los Angeles to Washington state. Most are over salaries and merit a closer look.

11th-hour talks cut off a pending strike in W. Chicago

District 94 teachers in W. Chicago will not be going on strike as planned because a tentative deal is headed for approval.

No contract for W. Chgo. teachers; students frustrated

Teachers at W. Chgo. Comm. H.S. aren't on strike yet, but they're working to rule without a contract; community & students are frustrated.

E. St. Louis SD 189 teachers still on strike

A teachers' strike lingers in southern IL, with no appearance of stopping. Football ends, teachers go without pay, kids go to community centers.

Teachers go on strike in E. St. Louis SD 189

A teachers' strike started Thursday in East St Louis, IL, and people should get ready for a long, drawn-out fight over teacher salary.

Americans want professionalism, not tenure

A national poll finds most Americans, more Republicans than Democrats and more Whites than Blacks, opposed teacher tenure.

Teachers in Prospect Heights Dist. 23 on strike

Prospect Heights Dist. 23 is on strike, and students will miss a 2nd day of school on Thursday. This one is about salary, mostly.