Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Survey points to what worries teens

Depressions & anxiety are among the primary stressors in teens' lives, according to a survey. They worry about other things, too.

Things old and new in Austin in late fall

A $1bn bond issue, new technology, old and new books, movies, and a Texas Teacher of the Year who used to work in Hollywood.

Trump might cut teen pregnancy prevention

Grants that were aimed at developing programs to reduce teen pregnancy rates are being cut by Health & Human Services.

Teen birth rate drops for 7th straight year

The teen birth rate hit a new low in 2015, according to the CDC. It's still high among certain ethnic groups, higher than some European countries.

Teen pregnancy, still a problem, goes unnoticed

Charter schools, a few of them, serve the needs of a small population of students: pregnant teens. More like this are desperately needed.

Texting helps compliance with teen birth control

If teenage girls get regular text messages from their doctors, they're more likely to stay on schedule with any birth control than if they just get phone calls.