Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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8 die in a cowardly act of terror in N.Y.C.

What is being described as "cowardly" and an "act of terror" near Stuyvesant H.S. in New York has left 8 dead and 11 injured.

Trump bars certain immigrants

Pres. Trump ordered immigration policies that will mostly end the US refugee program and carry out "extreme vetting" on "radical Islamic terrorists."

Truck thief kills 12 at Berlin Christmas market

A dozen people were killed and more than 40 injured as a stolen truck plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin. The markets are a centuries-old tradition.

Orlando shooter wasn’t a well-behaved student

An investigation into the school life of the terrorist at the deadliest mass shooting in US history reveals clues about his personality.

Terrorists kill more than 90 in Belgium, Iraq

Terrorist attacks from the US to the Middle East, and now to Belgium, have killed dozens of people. Officials offer condolences, work to combat terrorism.

L.A. USD closes all schools due to bomb threat

All schools in Los Angeles were closed Tuesday following a bomb threat received electronically. It was a hoax, but schools erred on the side of safety.

At least 14 dead in San Bernardino mass shooting

Up to 3 people shot at least 14 dead and injured at least 17 others in San Bernardino, Calif. All schools were on lockdown during a hours-long manhunt.

3 die in Colo. Planned Parenthood shooting

A shootout at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs left at least 3 dead and more than 10 injured. The suspect (terrorist) is in custody.

Lake Zurich band might scrub Paris trip

Will the attacks in Paris cause a suburban Chicago marching band to cancel their trip to the City of Lights 13 months from now?

What we can teach about the Paris attacks

What should you say to students about the terrorist attacks on Paris last week? Teachers in France and America wrestle with this question.