Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Feds want to hear about Title IX changes

The US Ed. Dept. seeks comments on proposed changes to Title IX, hoping new rules will bring due process and better protect survivors.

Mo. boy who didn’t make soccer team sues school

Is participating on soccer teams a "right" that an excluded player can ask a court of law to remedy if he gets cut?

Chicago will lose millions over Title IX violations

Chicago Public Schools hasn't kept students safe from sexual abuse by peers or teachers, so the feds are going to withhold funds.

Accused can question accusers in sex assault cases

The accused should be given a chance to cross-examine adverse witnesses, even in university disciplinary hearings.

1st female athletic director at Eisenhower

Eisenhower HS in Blue Island, IL, named its 1st-ever female athletic director, who vows not to let her gender stop her from her goals.

We mark the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

We have much to admire about a country that can elect a President Trump while professing an undying faith in civil rights.

Feds: We have no jurisdiction in transgender cases

The US Dept. of Ed. has reportedly dismissed 3 new transgender discrimination cases, claiming the department can't intervene.

Judge won’t stop a transgender policy in Dist. 211

Students at northwest-suburban high schools would probably agree: students should use bathrooms based on gender identity.

Feds withdraw sexual assault investigation rules

The US Ed. Dept. issued interim guidance that will replace some Obama administration rules for how schools investigate sexual assault.

U.S. signals major shift in sex assault investigation

Schools may soon have new guidance from the feds on how sexual assaults should be investigated, Betsy DeVos told the country.