Friday, June 18, 2021
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Obituary: John & Alicia Nash

John Nash, who inspired A Beautiful Mind & shared a Nobel Prize for his economic theories on noncooperative games, dies at 86.

Distracted driving is still a problem for teens

The latest report about teenage driving shows that cellphone use can still be a problem because it takes drivers' eyes off the road for too long.

2 Aurora teens killed in SUV vs semi crash

We take a closer look at teenage driving fatalities after 2 students from IL were laid to rest after dying in a crash last week.

Schaumburg HS student killed in hit-and-run

Police are looking for witnesses to a hit-and-run accident that killed a National Achievement Award winner and athlete in Schaumburg early Saturday morning.

Singer, color guard member dies in motorcycle crash

Alyssa Ludovice, a high school junior, member of Elgin High School's color guard and, from what we hear, an excellent singer and writer, died Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 5, from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident Tuesday in Lakewood. She was 16.

High school student hit by car outside Baltimore school

A student hit by a car near his high school in Baltimore County, on the first day of school, reminds us all that new traffic on the roads, especially school buses and student pedestrians, should make us pay closer attention. Includes some advice from police in Champaign, Ill.

Three Aurora teens injured by speeding car

0,6_1_NA01_STATE2_S1.article The Naperville Sun is reporting that three teens were struck by a reckless driver of a red Thunderbird as they stood on a street...