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Some Hereford seniors buy drugs for sophomores

Getting e-cigarettes and other illegal drugs is too easy, esp. if one of your older classmates is willing to buy them for you.

IL football coach & A.D. arrested for DUI

The athletic director and football coach at Richmond-Burton HS was arrested on July 15 & charged with DUI.

Youth remember alcohol ads more than adults

Young people report seeing more alcohol ads online than adults do, according to a new study released by Johns Hopkins.

Cerebral cortex altered in teens who drink

When adolescents drink heavily, their cerebral cortex is changed, and these changes may play a role in adverse effects later in life.

Not all college students binge drink

It has been reported that we're naïve to think college students won't get drunk, thereby escaping criminal prosecution for some bad behavior.

Stanford football player ‘acquitted’ of ‘rape’

A football player at a premier university was charged with sexually assaulting an anonymous female student and found not responsible by a disciplinary board.

Body image issues linked to teen alcohol use

High school girls who have issues with body image and weight are more likely to be drinkers than ) their peers, a recent U.S. study suggests.

1 in 7 teens is a victim of stalking

Many US teens are victimized by stalkers in their most formative years, which can increase the likelihood those teens engage in risky behaviors.

Teens’ binge drinking affects their kids

Adolescent binge drinking isn't just dangerous to teenagers' brain, but also may impact the brains of their children, a Loyola U. Chicago study finds.

Teens exposed to drugs more likely to abuse in 20s

If you have easy access to alcohol or drugs at home as a teen, chances are higher you'll abuse those drugs in your 20s (Mich.St.U.)