Friday, June 18, 2021
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Almost everything is closed in the cold

Cold weather, very cold weather in fact, has caused most schools, universities, etc., in northern IL to close Wed. & Thurs.

College students slightly less narcissistic today

A new Univ. of IL study suggests college students of the 2010s are actually less, not more, narcissistic than those of the 1990s.

IL & Md. marching bands scrap symbolic songs

Marching bands at 2 major universities have taken steps to eliminate the playing of music that might be offensive.

Big 10 college football moves to Friday night

A handful of college football games are played on Friday night, side-by-side with high school's Friday Night Lights. Next year, the Big Ten.

Marching Illini in Arlington Heights, Sept. 25

The Marching Illini will join forces with St Viator High School's marching band Friday night for a home football game. Big year for the Illini.