Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Free school lunches should continue during shutdown

Free and reduced-price school meals should continue during the shutdown, although if it goes past February, questions start to pop up.

Convincing kids to choose salad in the lunch line

New research suggests that exposing kids to appropriate marketing can lead more of them to choose healthy options in the lunch line.

Kids’ diets better, but still low-quality

A standard measure for how healthy a diet is showed researchers from Brown U. and U.Mass. that kids are eating better but need improvement still.

School meals linked to higher obesity risk

School meals may be making kids obese, a new study out of Virginia Tech concludes. Just when we thought school food was tasty and good!

Fresh, local food for lots of Md. students

Farm-to-school programs are great for kids and for local growers. Md. leads the nation in some respects, the USDA says.

Chicago school lunch boycott sends a message

Students at a Chicago high school are boycotting lunch. They say it tastes bad and the company that makes it, Aramark, has to do better.

Weekly national school snapshots, Nov. 6

Data privacy and the 2016 presidential campaign dominate national school news headlines for the most recent week.

Hungry students want to change food truck law

A variety of food choices at lunch is what kids say they want; the USDA stands behind nutrition standards in the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.

US finally bans trans fats in food

Hoping to save lives, the US FDA ruled Tuesday that foods sold in the US must contain no artery-clogging artificial trans fats by 2018.