Wednesday, August 4, 2021
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Voxitatis congratulates the COVID Class of 2020

2020 is unique and, for high school graduates, different from anything they've seen. Proms, spring sports, & many graduation ceremonies are cancelled. Time for something new.

We congratulate the “Politicized” Class of 2017

We congratulate the Class of 2017, and in keeping with tradition, we have dubbed it the "politicized" class, following November's elections.

8th-grade grad speaker impersonates candidates

A viral video of an Arlington Hts 8th grader impersonating several politicians, including President Obama and Donald Trump, was featured on the Tonight Show.

Voxitatis Launches the Verbo de Verbo Project

Ever since I attended the graduation ceremony at Indiana University in Bloomington in 1999, a few words have dominated my thinking about how we...