Friday, September 17, 2021
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Was it a real school that played football on ESPN?

The ESPN national high school game last weekend was embarrassing, to say the least. Not only from a football perspective.

Kids worse off in Ohio online charters

Bigger results now coming in show that online or virtual charter schools do not provide an effective education for students, here in Ohio.

Comedian John Oliver says charters are corrupt

Charter schools were the butt of jokes by comedian John Oliver. Much of his criticism is well earned, as charters are barely accountable.

Cyber charters seen as overwhelmingly negative

Cyber charter schools don't have a positive effect on students who attend them, according to research out of Stanford University.

Virginia set to pilot full-time online high school

We take a close look at online, or virtual, high schools, as 1 in Mich. graduates its 2nd class and one in Va. is set to open in the fall.

Blended learning can be exposed as hype

An educator from Alberta writes that blended learning, where online courses are combined with face-to-face instruction, is all hype.

Hogan signs charter school reforms

Md. has a new charter school law. It's not everything the Republican governor wanted, but it does create good opportunities for charters in the state.

With mixed results, Iowa virtual school looks to expand

The mixed test scores at two Iowa cyber charter schools, one higher than state averages, one lower, give us a chance to explore online-only K-12 education.

IL imposes 1-year moratorium on virtual charter schools

A 1-year virtual charter school moratorium has been imposed in Illinois. The new law also seeks more information about the effects of virtual charter schools.

IL districts begin to deny charter for online school

School Districts U-46 in Elgin and 300 in Carpentersville voted to deny a charter Monday for a virtual (online) charter school, but the school can appeal to a charter commission in the state.