Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Typhoon Mangkhut, Hurricane Florence are deadly

North Carolina and Hong Kong are in tatters in the wake of deadly storms: Florence in the US and Mangkhut in HK.

Mayor Pugh expands back-to-school giveaway

A back-to-school fair in Baltimore was a huge success and provided school supplies to students, as happens across the US.

Indomitable American spirit was forged here in Pa.

Valley Forge, the base for Washington's troops during the American Revolution, stands as a monument to the Republic's iron core.

Condo fire kids need clarinets etc.

A teacher is trying to round up a few musical instruments to help students whose families lost everything in a massive condo fire.

IL schools pitch in for Houston’s Harvey victims

In a "We Are One America" way, schools across IL are reaching out to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Proud.

Debate: Are summer service ‘vacations’ worth it?

Did you do any community service this summer in an area or community outside your own or out of your comfort zone?

Trump bans transgender people from military

Transgender policy took center stage today, as Pres Trump declared that transgender people would be banned from military service.

Youths propel a push toward volunteerism, even before Obama

0 From the Boston Globe November 24, 2008 Youths propel a push toward volunteerism Change predates Obama's overtures By Scott Helman First paragraph: LEOMINSTER -- President-elect Barack Obama rode a...