Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Md. to administer tests in math, English

Students in Md. will still have to take standardized tests this spring in math and English language arts, following action of the state board.

DeVos plans not to grant testing waivers

The US Ed Dept doesn't plan to issue testing waivers, as it did last year due to massive closures and the pandemic, under Ed Sec Betsy DeVos.

Sociologists look at why NCLB reauth failed

Can it help us going forward to study some of the reasons we failed in the past? Sure, and some Ind. U. scientists are trying to do just that.

Feds call for limits on testing in schools

The Obama administration will issue guidance to reduce the amount of standardized testing schools put kids through for accountability.

Wash. becomes 1st state to lose its NCLB waiver

Washington's NCLB waiver was rescinded last week, a move that seems to signal a return to enforcing a federal law everyone calls a failure.