Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Weird things this polar vortex brought

Unusual things have happened during the polar vortex that sent temps in the Midwest plummeting to well below zero.

11th-hour talks cut off a pending strike in W. Chicago

District 94 teachers in W. Chicago will not be going on strike as planned because a tentative deal is headed for approval.

No contract for W. Chgo. teachers; students frustrated

Teachers at W. Chgo. Comm. H.S. aren't on strike yet, but they're working to rule without a contract; community & students are frustrated.

W. Chgo. volunteer teachers suspend a few clubs

Teachers in West Chicago have been working without a contract, and now they have decided not to volunteer their time to sponsor some student clubs.

West Chicago science teacher interns at Fermilab

A summer internship gives teachers of science a great professional development opportunity, which explains how some teachers spend their summers.

3 IL districts will pilot e-learning for snow days

3 suburban districts in IL have a plan for snow days so they don't have to adjust the school calendar if it snows too much: e-learning days.