Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Weather extremes envelop the Earth

Extreme weather (drought and heat in the summer, cold in the winter) sweeps the planet. A result of climate change?

Lincoln-Way Band marches past fire in Rose Parade

A float rolling in front of the Lincoln-Way Marching Band in the Rose Parade caught fire. The band, as expected, marched on.

LEAF internships bring city students to nature

A paid internship at the Nature Conservancy exposes city students to environmental careers. 22 years running.

Wildfires consume 100s of Southern Calif. buildings

Wild fires are raging around Los Angeles, causing school officials to close several schools & offer advice about staying safe.

Fires make many homeless, school-less in N. Calif.

Wildfires in N. Calif. have devastated the Wine Country, homes, & schools. Dozens have been killed, thousands left homeless.

Keep kids away from wildfire smoke in San Fran

A study from Barcelona suggests that exposure to air pollution on the way to school can damage children’s cognitive development.

L.A. wildfire, from 30 years of growth, is contained

Schools in S. Calif. briefly saw a wildfire in the mountains near L.A. It's been brought under control, but everything's coated with ash.

San Francisco is hot, with wildfires blazing nearby

Extreme and record-setting heat came to the San Francisco area late last week, and wildfires continue to threaten lives and national treasures.

Wildfires affect folks miles away in Montana Rockies

The Rocky Mountains in Mont. are breathtaking, but today, they're covered in smoke from wildfires that are impacting people's lives.

Tenn. wildfires cause evacuations, school closures

Wildfires in the mountains near Gatlinburg, Tenn., have caused the evacuation of thousands of people, many of whom still have no power, and the closure of schools.