Monday, October 21, 2019
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Brawl at a Chicago b-ball game

A fight broke out during the end-of-game handshake after an Illinois High School Association basketball sectional semifinal game between North Lawndale College Prep and Marshall Metropolitan High School in Chicago. The game was played at Westinghouse College Preparatory High School on March 11.

The Chicago Public Schools suspended both teams for three games, meaning that North Lawndale would not advance from its victory in the game and St Joseph High School from Westchester would instead advance to the super-sectional round in the state series tournament.

The IHSA released a statement from Executive Director Marty Hickman, saying the association was working with school district officials and appreciated the diligence of the CPS Athletic Administration. “Chicago Public Schools and the IHSA are sending the message that incidents like this at high school contests will not be tolerated. We will continue to work with the Chicago Public Schools, Marshall High School and North Lawndale High School on how we can prevent future instances like this from occurring,” he wrote.

One student described the scene as chaotic. “The whole gym was fighting. Everybody was fighting,” WMAQ-TV (NBC affiliate) quoted her as saying.

Several players were reportedly injured in the brawl, and one teenage girl was arrested, charged, and released to her parents, according to the NBC Chicago report.

Earlier this season, Voxitatis reported on a shooting at a high school basketball game in Frederick County, Md. Although police had interviewed some 300 likely witnesses to the shooting, no arrests had been reported as of March 5.

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