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Accused can question accusers in sex assault cases

The accused should be given a chance to cross-examine adverse witnesses, even in university disciplinary hearings.

Zero-tolerance policies unfairly punish black girls

Black girls are more likely to receive harsher discipline under zero-tolerance policies than white girls for minor offenses.

Concussion for N.C. student body-slammed by cop

A N.C. student suffered what appears to be a concussion after a school resource officer body-slammed her after she had broken up a fight.

Expelled for using the N-word? Sue the school.

A text-message exchange between friends at a private high school in Chicago has led to the expulsion of 2 girls for making racist remarks.

Can removing troublemakers save urban schools?

We comment on an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun in which a former teacher suggests taking disruptive students out of the classroom.

Balto. teacher fired for using the N-word in class

An 8th-grade science teacher in Baltimore City lost control of her class and used a racial epithet on students. She was fired.

Woman says teachers locked her son in a closet

A mom in Southern IL sues the school & teachers who, she claims, confined her son in a small room when other action would've been more appropriate.

7-year-old Mo. student cried, was handcuffed

A 7-year-old boy, allegedly handcuffed by a police officer in a Kansas City elementary school for crying, is suing the school district.

S.C. rule limits police involvement in schools

New rules for police engagement in school discipline could go into effect in South Carolina, sparked by a resource officer dragging a student across the room.

6-year-old handcuffed; took candy from a teacher

A 6-year-old Chicago Public Schools elementary student was handcuffed for taking candy off her teacher's desk. Mom said she'd sue.