School stories in Illinois newspapers, most recent week

Voxitatis has developed a search tool to find recent stories in Illinois newspapers and other news-providing sites pertaining to schools and education. We use Google’s search engine and return results for the most recent week for every newspaper we could find in Illinois. Here’s the link to our tool:

Just click on the news provider’s name. This will open up a Google search and from there, you can click on the stories themselves.

Note: Not all newspapers in Illinois are independent. Many fall under the umbrella of the Chicago Tribune, for example. Sometimes Google gets confused, for example, whether a story should be classified with the Aurora Beacon-News or the Naperville Sun, since both of these local papers are run by the Tribune.

Anyway, we’ve tried to do our best and may develop add-ons and features for this tool as time goes on and as we feel the need for more features.

In the meantime, if you can think of any way to make this tool better, please let us know by posting a comment to this article or sending us an email. (See our About Us page for contact information.)

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Paul Katula
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