Friday, September 25, 2020
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IL state champs in boys' basketball

We congratulate the 2015 Illinois state champions in boys’ basketball.

The championship games in classes 1A and 2A were played in Carver Arena at the Peoria Civic Center, Thursday through Saturday, March 12–14.

In Class 1A, Brimfield High School defeated Meridian High School in Mounds for the state title, 56-52. Brimfield’s Carson Cuevas led the scoring, scoring 32 points in 31 minutes of play and bringing down 4 rebounds. Meridian’s scoring was more evenly distributed, as Davarae Edmonds, DJ Weldon, and David Davis scored 12, 12, and 14 points, respectively. The final score ultimately came down to the difference in shooting percentages: Brimfield hit nearly 48 percent of their field goal attempts, while only 36 percent of Meridian’s went in.

In Class 2A, Uplift Community High School in Chicago defeated St Teresa from Decatur, 53-47. Both teams sank 17 field goals, but Uplift had better luck from the free-throw line, sinking 15 of 17 shots, compared to only 12 of 18 for St Teresa. Uplift also had a couple more 3-pointers, thanks to the skill of Jeremy Roscoe and Spencer Foley, who each hit two. Daniel Soetan led the scoring for Uplift with 13 points, but his biggest contribution was on the boards: he brought down 3 offensive and 3 defensive rebounds, keeping his team in control at critical junctures.

The championship games in classes 3A and 4A were played in Carver Arena at the Peoria Civic Center, Thursday through Saturday, March 19–21.

In Class 3A, St Joseph High School in Westchester defeated Althoff High School from Belleville, 67-63, to win the state title. Even the best efforts of Althoff’s forward Jordan Goodwin came up just a little short. He had 23 points and, more importantly, 12 rebounds, 8 of which came after a missed St Joseph field goal attempt. Although shooting was similar for both teams, St Joseph went to the free-throw line almost twice as much as Althoff. On top of that, Althoff was only 4 of 13 from the free-throw line, compared to St Joseph, which sank 13 of 25 free throws. That difference made a champion out of St Joseph.

In Class 4A, Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire defeated Normal Community High School, 57-40, to become the state champions in boys’ basketball. Normal Community started out strong but never led. Then they hit only 30 percent from the floor in the second half. Jalen Brunson and Justin Smith led the scoring for Stevenson, with 30 and 12 points, respectively. Smith also brought down 7 rebounds, all on defense, a few of which made Stevenson a dominant force on the fast break.

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