Sunday, April 18, 2021

Burglars break & steal band instruments in Gary


Several band instruments were damaged and some stolen in a burglary on Aug 15 at the Wirt-Emerson School of Visual and Performing Arts in Gary, Ind., the Chicago Tribune reports.

US Army All-American Marching Band rehearses before a performance at the US Army All-American Bowl, Jan 7, 2012. (Sgt 1C Scott D Turner / USAAC / Flickr Creative Commons)

In addition, burglars broke a water pipe, leaving the school carpeting wet and school officials trying desperately to get it dry. “We just had water shooting everywhere,” the paper quoted Principal Adrian Richie as saying. Two separate groups of thieves had apparently entered the building, allegedly through the window, believing the district had closed the school.

The theft and damage didn’t stop students at the school from playing their music, though, even if they had to practice in the hallway while the carpet in their band room dried. “It’s unfortunate we’re not in the band room, but that’s not going to hold me back,” the Tribune quoted one young saxophonist as saying. “I’ll practice anywhere, any time I can.”

When the paper’s photographer caught up with two students, they were playing Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” in the hallway, an appropriate choice for the occasion. “The kids are flexible and willing to do what they have to do,” Mr Richie said.

Two men, one 36 and the other 26, were arrested in connection with the burglary but are no longer in custody. A warrant has been issued for their arrest.

But regardless of whether they’re caught, the music goes on.

Put yourself in the shoes of the 26-year-old burglar, and describe the break-in and property destruction you and your friend—your partner in crime—commit against this school? What’s going through your mind? What conversations do you have? What are your actions? Use well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences in your writing, and see Common Core high school writing standard W.11-12.3 for more information.

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