Sunday, August 1, 2021

Charity project teaches Fla. students ‘giving’ math


A project to raise money for a playground upgrade near Daytona Beach provided a real-world scenario for elementary students at three schools to learn some math concepts like place value, counting money, and weights and measures, the News-Journal reports.

A mural in downtown DeLand, Fla. (Julie Fletcher / Visit Florida via Flickr Creative Commons)

Students in DeLand, Florida, got those important math lessons over the last two weeks as they collected and then counted coins to purchase new equipment for a playground in the historic town about 20 miles inland from Daytona Beach.

Back in May, town leaders told residents Freedom Playground in Bill Dreggors Park, was starting to show its age. The town embarked on a mission to raise about $350,000 to replace the wooden playground equipment with plastic fixtures, and the campaign to raise the money has been going on ever since.

For this part of the endeavor, 9- and 10-year-olds—and others, including their teachers—at Saint Barnabas Episcopal School spent two weeks collecting coins. Schoolchildren did the same sort of thing in 1991, when Freedom Playground was originally built.

One young girl broke open her piggy bank and brought in about $20. “(Giving) is nice to the world and nice to the playground, so other kids can play on it,” the paper quoted her as saying.

Others rounded up whatever they could. “It’s nice to give,” one 10-year-old boy, who said he had played on the wooden playground, was quoted as saying. “It’s going to make me feel good that I shared the money with Freedom.”

The old playground has been torn down, and the new one is expected to be open sometime in November.

The amount raised at Saint Barnabas was $1,631.51—exactly. They counted it to make sure, right after kids dumped it out on the gym floor earlier this week. Students from another school gave $110.78, while those at Saint Peter Catholic School brought $693.98 to the party.

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