Saturday, April 17, 2021

Hurricane Harvey prompts massive relief response


Devastating floods have hit the Houston area, America’s fourth-largest city, as a result of Hurricane Harvey’s lingering motion, the New York Times reports. At least five people have been reported dead, with many cars, homes, and business destroyed by the floodwaters.

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The list of school closings for Monday is long and includes the Houston Independent School District, which was scheduled to start classes on Monday, August 28. Some schools say they’ll try to reopen on Tuesday; others are putting off the decision until at least Thursday or Friday.

You can best help by sending money to relief organizations that are equipped to work on rescue operations as well as look after the after-storm care for residents of Houston.

In addition to providing good information via various relief organizations, Twitter has proved to be very useful in this crisis in managing the flow of good information to people who are in the affected areas.

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