Sexually abuse a student, get a few months in prison

A former high school marching band volunteer in Maryland was sentenced to 18 months for having sex with a student, the Capital Gazette reports.


Assistant State’s Attorney Jason Miller said the convicted marching band volunteer at Severna Park High School, Wilbur Jesse Hildebrand, 57, was a “master manipulator” in that he brainwashed a bunch of people to prey on a female student in the band.

He could have been sentenced for up to 40 years, based on the sex offenses he was charged with, but a plea deal brought the maximum allowable sentence prosecutors could ask for down to the 18 months he got. However, he’ll have to register as a sex offender for 15 years after he serves his time, and he’s not allowed to have any more contact with minors.

Part of the manipulation involved the girl’s family. The victim’s father even drove his daughter and Mr Hildebrand to baseball games, all while they were having sex in hotel rooms and eventually at their homes, unbeknownst to the father.

He also manipulated psychologists and his own flesh and blood. Mr Miller described how he used a web of personal manipulation and a cunning personality to “control every aspect of a child’s life.” His own teenage nephew was dating the girl at one point, also while Mr Hildebrand was having sex with her. According to testimony reported in the Gazette, the nephew once asked Mr Hildebrand why they had “to share” the victim, since “she’s not your girlfriend.”

For the record, Mr Hildebrand was never on the staff at Severna Park High School and was simply helping out with the marching band, as many former band students do.

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