Monday, October 18, 2021

Man jumps on hood of a middle school bus


Thursday afternoon in Parkville, Maryland, police say a 68-year-old man forcibly tried to board a Baltimore County school bus carrying students from Loch Raven Middle School, threatening the safety of students, a bus driver, and himself when he jumped onto the hood of the bus, while it was in motion, and demanded to board it, WJZ-TV (CBS affiliate) reports.

(student video, from social media, via WJZ-TV screenshot)

He managed to get onto the bus by allegedly forcing the front door open when the bus had to stop at a red traffic signal, the station reported, citing a woman who was driving by on her way to work when the incident took place.

“You could tell those kids were extremely terrified,” she told the station. “Some were even huddled together holding onto each other.”

Leverne Ardin Doran, of Nottingham, Maryland, faces several charges in connection with his “I’m gonna teach those kids a thing or two” incident, according to court documents. Among the charges he faces are disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, obstructing a school bus driver, and malicious destruction of property—he allegedly kicked the bus after an off-duty police officer told the bus to drive away for the safety of the children.

Mr Doran reportedly claimed a plastic bottle was thrown at him by one of the students on the bus, and in the video, he appears to be very upset about this.

Two mechanics from a local auto-repair shop reportedly assisted the off-duty police officer in getting him off the bus.

Here’s some advice: If you’re walking along one day, and a middle schooler throws a plastic bottle at you out the window of a bus, just call the school district next time. I imagine a very nice apology would be forthcoming, even if it was completely accidental.

Paul Katula
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