The new age of myth busters: 12-year-old scientists

Don’t let the show title fool you: “Mythbusters Jr,” set to air this fall, is not a kids’ show where kids learn stuff; rather, it’s a show that lets student scientists conduct investigations that bust a few common myths we might have about the way things work in the world, the Dallas Morning-News reports.

Cannan Huey-You, 12, is a sophomore at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, and his brother Carson, 15, is a graduate student. They lead a team of six young scientists in a TV show on the Science Channel, hosted by Adam Savage, the original myth-buster.

“These are the new mythbusters, and I’m their camp counselor and their adviser and sometimes their test subject,” USA Today quoted Mr Savage as saying.

Carson earned a bachelor’s degree in physics last year from TCU, becoming the youngest person ever to graduate from the university at 14 years old. Now he’s working on concurrent master’s and doctoral degrees, but this summer, he’s working mainly behind the scenes as an intern for “Mythbusters Jr.” He makes calculations that help the team run the experiments.

“It’s all exploring problem-solving techniques on a large scale and figuring out how to carry out these experiments,” the Morning-News quoted him as saying. “It’s fun just being along for the ride. Here, I’m just another scientist. They’re good about treating us as colleagues, not kids.”

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