Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Movie review: On the Basis of Sex

A movie released on Christmas highlights an important case fought by Ruth Bader Ginsburg who now serves on the Supreme Court.

TX backs expulsion for not standing during pledge

A Texas student who was expelled for not standing during the pledge is suing the school for violating her free speech rights.

Obituary: Linda, of Brown v. Board of Ed.

The schoolgirl whose father is the named plaintiff in a landmark court case about segregation died Sunday at the age of 75.

Feds: We have no jurisdiction in transgender cases

The US Dept. of Ed. has reportedly dismissed 3 new transgender discrimination cases, claiming the department can't intervene.

Judge won’t stop a transgender policy in Dist. 211

Students at northwest-suburban high schools would probably agree: students should use bathrooms based on gender identity.

A high school student’s view of equality

Even with the #MeToo movement, women (and high school girls) have a long way to go before actual equality can be achieved.

Penn. school funding fight can proceed to trial

A nationally famous school funding case can proceed to trial, the Penn. Supreme Court ruled. The decision could affect schools everywhere.

No reasonable expectation of privacy in a classroom

A teacher who changed in his classroom for after-school activities was videotaped by the school; he can't sue them under the 4th or 14th Amendment.

Feds withdraw sexual assault investigation rules

The US Ed. Dept. issued interim guidance that will replace some Obama administration rules for how schools investigate sexual assault.

Students mark 60 years of integration in Little Rock

Later this month, students in Little Rock and the surrounding area will commemorate the 60th anniversary of the integration of Central H.S.