Wednesday, October 23, 2019
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U.S. signals major shift in sex assault investigation

Schools may soon have new guidance from the feds on how sexual assaults should be investigated, Betsy DeVos told the country.

Teacher-student sex law in Ala. unconstitutional?

In Alabama, a state law prohibits 18-year-olds (or younger) from consenting to sex with someone who works at a school—any school.

Wis. SD asks Supreme Court about transgender case

The bathroom (and locker room/shower) question keeps coming up regarding transgender students. Maybe the Supreme Court should just decide this.

Some social studies looks like fiction under Trump

What should teachers do about questions they are sure to receive about the violence in Charlottesville last weekend?

Republicans challenge the right to protest in Ariz.

A bill that has cleared the Ariz. state senate would allow the gov't to seize the property of people associated with a protest if the protest damaged property.

Testosterone booster leads to football lawsuit

A coach kicked some football captains off the team because he disapproved of the nutrition supplement they were using. They're suing him and the school.

Homeless student barred from basketball team

Laws protect against the discrimination of "homeless" students, even in extracurricular activities. A Ky. middle school challenges that law.

Expelled for using the N-word? Sue the school.

A text-message exchange between friends at a private high school in Chicago has led to the expulsion of 2 girls for making racist remarks.

Teacher awarded $200k in due process claim

In a case of possible age discrimination against a teacher, a jury and judge in Indiana skirt the issue, ruling on a due process claim instead.

Can the president put someone in jail?

We take a somewhat pointed look at the call Donald Trump made for a special prosecutor in the debate earlier this evening.