Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Misconstrued photo leads to Barrington H.S. lawsuit

A lawsuit alleging defamation of character has been filed by 6 IL girls against their high school district, the principal, & supt.

Some US hate may have been made in Russia

Russian-backed hackers and actors infiltrated social media and ran content that was intended to make Americans hate other Americans.

A warning: Taking a knee is protected speech

For taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem at a sports contest, schools shouldn't punish students in any way.

Over anti-LGBT policy, a school loses voucher funds

A Lutheran school in Harford Co., Md., sacrificed state voucher funds because it has reserved the right to deny admission to LGBT students.

Students mark Banned Books Week 2017

When communities rise up and challenge our libraries' right to carry certain books, the community challenges the 1st Amendment, a student explains.

Nonsense from both ends of the political spectrum

Should white supremacists be allowed to spew hate in the name of free speech? Should illegal aliens be allowed to vote?

US flag displayed on the ground at York H.S.

A re-creation of a controversial art exhibit at an IL h.s. caused a social media firestorm. People commented that the "lesson" was disgusting.

Evanston & Oak Park kneel for the anthem

Protests over the anthem continue across America, esp. after Pres. Trump denounced the practice, calling it un-American.

Students celebrate Prayer at the Pole Day

An annual Christian celebration of prayer celebrated community, families, friends, and churches this morning around the country.

On protesting the national anthem in the NFL

What do you think of NFL (and even HS) football players who kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem?