Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Student thrown in jail who opposed a school policy

A student was arrested and put in jail for speaking out against a school policy; he was charged with harassment.

Sheriff ‘searched’ students, faces sex assault charge

A search that may have been unlawful or unconstitutional at a Ga. h.s. has resulted in the indictment of a sheriff on sexual battery charges.

Supreme Court won’t review a Md. pat-down search

What makes a pat-down search constitutional during a traffic stop? Not the strong smell of marijuana, at least not in Maryland.

No reasonable expectation of privacy in a classroom

A teacher who changed in his classroom for after-school activities was videotaped by the school; he can't sue them under the 4th or 14th Amendment.

Republicans challenge the right to protest in Ariz.

A bill that has cleared the Ariz. state senate would allow the gov't to seize the property of people associated with a protest if the protest damaged property.

N.Y. school sued over strip-search

A student was allegedly strip searched in N.Y., based on 3 students who said she was carrying drugs. She wasn't. Now she's suing the school.

Minn. groups file transgender bathroom complaint

A Minnesota schools says a transgender girl on the basketball team can change in the girls' locker room, but some groups say it violates privacy for other girls.

7-year-old Mo. student cried, was handcuffed

A 7-year-old boy, allegedly handcuffed by a police officer in a Kansas City elementary school for crying, is suing the school district.

A door to the past opens if police open an iPhone

When police need to know what's on someone's iPhone, Apple might refuse to unlock it. But some circumstances make a search of the phone's data possible.

Police in Minn. shoot a school cafeteria worker

A protest over police shooting of black people turned violent in Dallas, but the nation is now engrossed in a conversation about police-community relations.