Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Neb. trying to tie state tests to classroom practice

One state is trying hard to integrate district testing priorities with state accountability needs, but it'll only work if data comes back quickly.

ACT math practice: business sales algebra

Given a few facts about the total sales at a business over 3 years, can you find the basis sales figures using algebraic manipulation?

ACT achievement gap (poverty) worse than feared

ACT data from the graduating class of 2016 show a wide achievement gap between white/Asian students and those from low-income familes. Anybody care?

ACT to add support for English learners

ACT announced that it will provide some supports for English learners for its college admissions test, beginning in 2017-18.

More students take ACT, but scores drop a little

ACT participation is up a little, achievement of the college-readiness benchmark on the test is down a little. Some state data is released.

Bravo: College refuses to accept SAT/ACT scores

We applaud the efforts of Hampshire College, which has banned SAT or ACT scores for student applicants. The college isn't ranked anymore as a result.

IL tops list of states requiring ACT of all grads

2015 ACT composite scores in Illinois were highest among states where all graduates were required to take the test.