Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Mich. moves to minimize high school math

Michigan's legislature is now considering a bill that would eliminate the requirement of algebra II for h.s. graduation.

Algebra, geometry, trig better than h.s. calculus

Research suggests taking calculus in high school doesn't help students with the math class in college; the prerequisites do.

U-46 hopes to make 8th-grade math less stressful

A career in the 21st century will require more problem-solving ability than one a hundred years ago would have. Sharpen those algebra skills.

Brooklyn student says math skills are important

Poll: How many high school students in the US should be required to take algebra and geometry? Are these skills needed?

What we decide to teach about algebra

Why is it so important for all kids to learn algebra? Maybe we should start focusing on math that will help them succeed in life instead.

Movie review: The Martian

The movie stretches principles of chemistry a bit, but the math is workable in, say, an algebra class. Plus, the cinematography excels.

A game of Zingo! in algebra I at Alton HS

Visiting an algebra I classroom in Alton, Ill., last fall, I discovered a fun game the teacher played to help kids manipulate numerical expressions.