Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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IHSA doesn’t have to accommodate certain runners

The IL H.S. Assn. won in court and won't have to modify how runners qualify for the state's final track meet following sectional competition.

Blind woman sues school that keeps kids off bus

Should schools be required to provide transportation for non-disabled students of disabled parents? Atlanta Public Schools is asking.

Lackawanna H.S. marks 26 years of A.D.A. on 7/26

The Americans with Disabilities Act turned 26 today, and comments from the Justice Dept and those who work with disabled people say we have a long way to go.

US announces school web accessibility agreement

When schools or school districts (public ones) build websites, they ought to make sure students and others with disabilities can access that content.

When trauma requires accommodation

A lawsuit in Calif. seeks to get students who have witnessed violence in their communities special accommodations as disabled students.

IL H.S. Assn. settles disability lawsuit

A settlement reached by the IHSA and the attorney general in IL will create state championships in a few new sports for students with disabilities.

IL district appeals ruling that allows service dog

A school district in IL is fighting a state board of ed ruling that a student with epilepsy must be allowed to bring her service dog to school.