Friday, March 5, 2021
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Modernizing the math classroom

Current math courses don't really help students use math in the world, say many who would overhaul the high school math curriculum.

Scientists look to expand crime solving by genetics

Scientists use computational models ways to use genetic ancestry databases to solve crimes could potentially be expanded.

Urschel: We can bring math into kids’ real lives

An offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens tells us about a new project he's working on to help get kids excited about the math they use every day.

Modeling a food web with math

A significant mathematical model describing the nature of food webs was published a year ago. It could change how ecosystem is taught at all levels in our schools.

Kids use math to build bridges in Ky.

Engineering & math lend themselves to project-based learning to take school curricula and map it to real-world problem solving.

After some trigonometry, horses get their hay

Some ranchers at a high school in Colorado needed to use their trigonometry skills to build a giant steel bale feeder for their horses.

Using calculus, police investigate traffic accidents

Sometimes a little visit from members of the law enforcement community can show students how math plays a relevant role in the world.

Tollway's 55-mph limit threatens safety for new drivers

A speed limit of 55 mph on the Illinois tollway may actually make the road more dangerous, especially for new drivers, a k a teenagers fresh out of driver's ed.

Strike zone graphic on TBS playoff games

A brief look at the mathematics (and a little physics) behind the strike zone graphic TBS is using for the baseball playoff games.