Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Computer simulation shows birth of Saturn’s rings

Saturn's rings differ a little from those of Uranus. Using computer simulations from telescope and probe data, scientists have a model for why that happens.

Planet in the Goldilocks zone of Proxima Centauri

The closest star, besides the sun, to Earth is Proxima Centauri. Scientists have detected a planet orbiting the star, and it may be able to support life.

Meteors in Perseid shower could come early

Astronomers think the number of shooting stars in the Perseid meteor shower Friday could surge even before the normal peak time.

White House hosts 2nd Astronomy Night

The 2nd Astronomy Night brought a range of dignitaries, scientists, astronauts, and young people to the White House lawn Saturday.

Total lunar eclipse to occur on Sept. 27

A total eclipse of the moon will occur on Sept 27-28, 2015. Peak at 10:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Last of a lunar tetrad.